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A Moment of Reflection along the path to Unity

Today I feel like being me

Just for today can I pretend that I’m free?

I see protest in the streets, police beating children younger than me, new age war,

With new age beliefs.

The colored people filled with the most love being locked up for shouting out while racism practices free speech..

I see humanity coming together rising up in unity but who would’ve thought unity would mean we’d have to fight for the belief in you and me..

the ones sworn to protect and serve are afraid to speak out so they follow the orders to pepper spray those who don’t back down.. sworn to protect but only sees us as a threat..

So when I say I feel like being me I’m left to second guess... the last time I enjoyed being free ended in handcuffs cause the officer was afraid of eye contact. Tattoos and a little darker than him painted the perfect picture of a target..

But even if I’m me walking the streets in ripped jeans the ones who say they’re my brothers question if my pockets are filled or empty. It’s a shame we even need to write black lives matter in this century. If my body was at the end of a barrel, and blood spilling on the street does my black life still matter if it was another black life making the trigger squeeze?...

we’ve come to unity when another race kills one of us.. but colors still run the streets like the racism we out speak , gun shots scream “fuck ‘em!” if he isn’t one of us with barely any grief..

we can blame the system we allowed to raise us

We can blame the cops that are afraid of the ghetto because their parents taught it’s dangerous

We can blame America, 400 years and Trump

We can blame the next door neighbor who’s pale children stare at us

If we’re searching we’ll always find a reason dividing us

But the choice to come together and change has always lived inside of us ..

To the police who believe in freedom, grab a hand that’s not in uniform and end brutality

To the people who are tired of seeing innocent people bleed,

To the people of color who just want to be free

Grab someone’s hand and speak of unity

Because our voices are being heard & racism is becoming extinct

But after this movement what remains is your belief..

this is a time of Change, of love and of peace

But everlasting change begins within you and me

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