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Once Again

I imagine you’re in a place that holds the gaze which inspired Van Gogh to paint his Starry Night. A Beautiful landscape that amazes any wandering sight Where the moonlight kisses the waves and the ballad they create, echoes your dancing heart... One day I always say. One day I’ll make it to you. One day I’ll hold you in my arms once again and smell the sweet smell of your essence.. Such a reminiscence - the sight of your smile and feel of your presence. One day I’ll feel the beat of your heart against my chest with our bodies clothed in sand but our souls in heaven. A place we created for only us to dwell in... .....One day in time One day I’ll be able to run wildly into your eyes, you’ll feel my kiss and I’ll sink into your lips, once again

Van Gogh is yet inspired to create his next painting... “Her & Him”

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