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The Perfect Masterpiece

I ask her - place your hand on my skin as I rub through your shell.. every touch, every caress uncovers the scars that have stories to tell. I listen closely and get these crawling chills... ... baby I understand the urge to burn the past fingerprints, hide and go numb so you’ll never have to feel. But if you never listen to the pain those scars will never truly heal.. And I promise the sweetest voice you’ll ever hear is the voice of healing.. That doesn’t sound so appealing I know... But paying attention in the dark only entices your light to grow. So I’ll lay here caressing & holding you in my arms as your hand is on my chest, just so I can hear of all your dark roads and your finger can paint the perfect picture on my flesh... Alas, we can agree we’re both a mess but now at peace.. At least when people frame us they’ll title us “The Perfect Masterpiece”

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