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Where did all my confidence go?

Where did all my confidence go? He went missing around the same time I let my ego grow What’s funny is that my ego grew but made me feel small In turn I think that’s where I began to question it all My confidence couldn’t bear dealing with the intrusive thoughts Because I decided to turn and listen to fear more he decided to run off I thought I found him when others spoke theirs into me But really it was just the instant gratification, a version of him I tried to believe I’m struck by the decisions I made that forced him to leave Searching all around, following external voices that I thought would show me to me I realize now This isn’t the way to let my heart speak I kept my heart suffocated and confidence couldn’t breathe Now I’m searching endlessly Through this corn field, so tall not even King Kong would be able to see I’m searching endlessly But this whole time I’ve been blinded by me.. Where did my confidence go? I don’t know, but as I sow and I weave my patches unveil a path that only I can believe As I walk through this field comfortably free with becoming me I can only hope I’m guided to him as he finds his way back to me ... Confidence forgive me If you’re there, I’m sorry for all my negligence and abuse I’ll never give up searching for truth I’ll never give up until I find you... 

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