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What does it mean to be vulnerable? Bare & true to yourself? I feel like if you ask this question to 5 million people you’ll get 5 million answers.. I sit in the dark, wondering where to start, cutting myself open in order to create all this art, so others can feel the honesty that comes from this heart. Now I’m questioning why I’m left lying here torn apart.. — Sometimes you have to tell yourself don’t be so harsh. You are who you are, so don’t censor the truth of your heart and don’t ever let a moment come when you’re planting seeds while staring at someone else’s yard. We’re in a society where everybody wants to be like someone else, she compares herself to her, he wants everything his idol has, they have a dream but then think “who am I kidding”. As a result they create all this art but the “he-” goes missing. I heard once that “You’re not meant to curve and bend yourself to fit someone else’s pieces ‘cause then the pieces meant for you won’t recognize you when they come” Isn’t that profound? I see us putting limitations on ourselves because we fear what someone else may think. Hiding who we are because the people closest to us may not agree. Thinking we’re in adequate because we don’t live the same life as someone on our screen. So when it comes to vulnerability I wonder if we’ll ever truly know what it means. Or what it feels like to be truly free. When I stop racing with time, when I take off that mask, when I take off that facade and stop comparing myself to my past. When I stop looking around and look internally, when I stop listening to their voices and listen to my own heartbeat, When I’m out of the clothes I wanted so many people to see.. Who am I? I’m simply me Being me unabashedly is the best thing I’ll ever be. Being me in this present moment is what it means to be free. Being me open & bare for anyone to see is my vulnerability.

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