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July Love Journal Entry

July 10th, 

As I’m working on my writing I’m wondering how to write so glamorously But I know that isn’t me nor is that how I want others to perceive me to be I can’t get my mind off of you and all the things we can be But in reality I don’t know if those dreams will ever come into fruition Yet I’m so in love with the fascination that comes when I daydream of our destination All the “ifs” and “buts” can’t disintegrate the positive wonders that unveil in my subconscious brain. Somehow daydreaming allows us to maintain So what if all goes right and you fall for me just as I fall for you If this is a new planted seed I’ll water it gently and treat it heavenly to create the prettiest rose that could ever bloom Fingers crossed you’re the one I’ve been waiting on to show me her true phases as if you were the one and only moon And stare at the stars all night long painting pictures of your truth And if you’re not? And the girl of my dreams is someone far beyond my imagination, somewhere across the stars constellation With story telling eyes that I have yet to read Then I’ll let it be I’ll say cheers for this new friendship but lovers we’ll never be And trust that what’s meant for me will find me . 

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