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12. I should’ve known

I should’ve known As soon as she walked through that door. Stitches, alcohol & cologne She stood there, a broken vase in my home and I don’t want it anymore. I look in to her eyes and see that burning roses can’t grow we’ve been here before... I should’ve known that she doesn’t love me anymore. When the knees drop When the breeze stops And all the love stops growing but it seems fine “Don’t go, don’t go!”, but it can’t be stopped So I’ll just go ahead and float high up through the tree tops Remembering all those cracks on the road that I still wanted to climb Up the mountain top to see your sunrise But you didn’t see the signs, it’s like you’re falling on the incline No You still don’t see the signs, cause all you see is blurry lines So I have to go because you’re turning me cold. Other paths along my journey but you’re the one that I chose. You’ll break me down to my bones, and I’ll fuck you down to your core. But now when you wake up I’ll be gone Because I don’t need you anymore. 

#May #Music #Writtensong

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