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My Shadow

The shadows I can’t escape, it’s entities taking shape The part of me who’s shade I can’t erase... I’m here. I’m bare. Allowing a flow of consciousness without control or fear.. 🌑 In the dark my hidden emotions take shape, and in all of us is a hiding place for negative energies. Whatever we repress will grow, I see it as buried pain or shame watered by fear and anger we don’t show or that we may not know exists in ourselves. I now understand these dark places in ourselves require awareness in the form of light, compassion and love. Bringing light into the shadows is just a form of healing and it’s never easy. But “the only limit to healing is how much of ourselves we are willing to give to the project” ♠️ This shadow is not my enemy just another aspect of myself♥️ 

#infinite #self #selfawareness #love #mindfulness

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