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Life's Unpredictable Ride

Despite what you may think I know what’s meant for me This life is unpredictable Even when you think you’ve got a grip and can enjoy the ride The rails vanish, you slip, and you fall right out of the sky But as I fall I’ll smile wide although there’s a chance that I may die Because I fell in love with the view from these descending heights I fell in love with butterflies flying around inside As I fall to the abyss I’ll just close my eyes And trust that the universal trampoline will shoot me back into the sky If it doesn’t I’ll just know that it’s my time Atleast I’ll get to watch the impact I’ve made grow in other people’s lives so in a sense I’ll truly never die On the other hand, let’s say I’m back on the rise Because true light never fails to shine I’ll now be able to say “I’ve been low and I’ve been high” I can gain from every experience and have battles with my pride I’ll dwell in pain and be able to move with my heart as a guide I’ll hold the power to put judgments to the side Doesn’t matter if I’m low or if I’m high I’ll still find a way to climb. At my lowest I search inside Traveling through forks in the road, fighting my own lies War of control, war with my own mind With each tear I cry a giggle comes alive With each dark night I’ll wish upon a Star in the sky With each wound I gain a new story to tell along this journey called life And I’m just a human being but I have wings growing from inside Ones that I’ve surely been gifted to find And I don’t question why So no matter if I’m at the bottom of an abyss or past the limits of the sky My inner whisper will always be my guide Telling me to enjoy life’s unpredictable ride

#selfawareness #self #life #patience

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