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If Only

I live in the dark side just to be in awe of my own light Yet the Universe has her own way of creativity Her rhythm, her waves, reach to enlighten the darkest of days I see her phases, and become fond of the shade I notice sometimes she likes to hide her face. But nights when the moon is full, the stars surround and the waves begin to pull just to put her artistic nature on display What an invite to think about all that we can be.. An open palm for eternity I follow this flow leading through the unknown And I’m quite in love with this painting I’ve been shown: If you become my date This day will just so happen to be all yours Don’t worry if we ever start to fray Because I’ll always stay through the worst of storms If only you say - yes I’ll be the guy that can’t ever tell you no Because the way your eyes reflect my soul It’s hard not to see the beauty we behold

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