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Story of the Fawn Shirt

In the fall I always find joy in long car rides with the windows down during a lukewarm evening. It’s these moments when my dreads start dancing in the breeze and my nose is filled by Mother Earth’s perfume. My heart syncs with the rhythm of the Universe and eyes smile for the Sun’s flash. These are the moments that take me back.. To you in my passenger seat’s lap. Adding vibrancy to my world with your laugh. And seeking adventures with no care for gas.

I wonder if those will only be moments of the past.. As the breeze continues, a powerful aura replaces Mother Earth’s perfume. A fragrance, a whiff, a powerful essence of you. The road becomes a bed of clouds and I begin to dream that I’m soaring alongside you. Your aroma grows stronger and I knew it was coming true. My heartbeat begins jumping with joy right out of my chest as your scent saturates through.

I reach over to feel you And as I turn my head the only thing that was true Was the fact that there was an empty passenger seat with only a fawn color shirt in my view.

The one you left...

#love #awareness #world #infinite

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