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Freestyle writing/J.E (08/05/18)

In the moment everything feels right when I’m talking to you I understand the world The universe Direction and guidance I feel it And for the some reason I feel you And might heart moves to the rhythm And becomes one with the vibration It’s so hard to describe what I feel for me A force? Everything is perfect And everything around me is one I’m in the exact moment I need to be in And i vibe To the motion of the universe I just be And accept I’m a human being I accept me And move with the universe It has a way of evoking the perfect emotion from me At the right time I need it Divine timing Everything moves with divine timing... With you I’m at a great height Like I just hiked up a mountain to see the sunrise And when I made it, took it all in I felt I was free Breathing in your colors, amazing feeling to breathe Inhale and my lungs exhale to serenity Your my sunrise My sunset I see all the beauty in the world In you It’s blissful It’s Elysian Take my hand, And we float Above To a world so vibrance Away from Life In your hands I’m alright Let’s breathe in the colors all around Touching Your cerise lips I’m kissing clouds Your breath becomes my oxygen In your hands I’m alright The past is never in sight But I know my future when I feel your touch Even in anger, I’m in your midst I feel sunkissed And in your phases I’m your shadows, I’m your blankets I’m your glow You told me you see me in the constellations In your hands I’m alright I’m free And you’re truly you You accept me As a human being And I accept you That’s Love No assumptions, no expectations Open, vulnerable, communication With acceptance and no control No force to change Just truly being you And me truly being me Life partners, I love you

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