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Your Story

She moves with a certain type of attitude. Believes in herself.

Buys herself a new purse, new shimmering necklace, new shoes.

To show herself gratitude. Filling her own bag and living by her own rule.

Nose to the sky as she passes through,

Such beauty in her precious smile as she enters every room,

Breeze flows through her hair to make every eye illume.

But no one can see the pain she’s been through.

She hides it all so well..

Before sleep she stares at the gashes before stitching up her own wounds.

A story to never tell..

The past lover died and her own flower blooms..

Yet every morning she still throws another coin down a wishing well.

Bedtime prayers leading to dreams of a young girl living her fairy tale,

Before that young girl’s shipped sailed,

And left her standing on shore..

Now another sunrise

highlighting her secrets- hoping for a set of eyes

That can see past the lies she sales..

I know sometimes you wish you could be felt..

You’re in love with the dignity that comes with being by yourself.

But those full moons have you longing for those warm arms to keep you held.

To keep you safe..

I see through that thick shell

Deep down we all want that person that can save us from ourselves,

That person who caresses each scar and falls in love with our wounds,

We can feed them our bullshit which they don’t refrain to consume,

They just take it in and explore our darkest truth,

And then bring back that little girl from your youth.

Every wall you put up, they breakthrough.

Every breakdown in the storm and their love shines through..

That story you never tell.

You won’t ever have to say it aloud

I see it in your eyes when no one is around

I feel it when we’re lying down..

So I say,

Continue to be you, and never change unless it’s for you..

I guess I’m writing this all to tell you I know what you’ve been through

and I see your truth

I just want you to know there’s someone out there waiting to meet a woman just like you.

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