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Enlightenment? 8/29/2018 2am

I’ve been feeling this connection An internal connection With everyone With all things around me I feel a glow radiating off of me I feel a spark of creativity that gives me wings I think I’m becoming an enlightened being I can meditate all night under the moonlight And genuinely feel it within me The breeze talks to me The stars guide me The sun reminds me of an awareness so many are blind to Could it be the readings? Could it be the crystals? Idk but I’m falling in love with simply being And I don’t want to question where it leads or how I came to be But I know it’s real I’m becoming aware of each emotion Each feeling Each thought But not only my own The people around me too

Those feelings never shown

I feel myself creating my own reality And feeling a power so many disbelieve I don’t feel like I am my body I feel like I have a body That isn’t mine I feel thoughts arise distant from time The thoughts that can only come from the divine Dreams that only come from the other side Showing me what lies on this journey I abide by I see everything I feel everything Any solution to any problem No fear and no doubt I feel everyone around me elevating because of my aura I feel their heartbeats Their feelings The pain that needs healing I feel minds of women open up after one conversation I feel a new perspective form after one occasion Thank you I feel bliss I feel gratitude I see beauty and feel beauty I live with reverance I have no need to control or urge or want to control I’m more present than ever Enlighten me Enlighten being Thank you

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