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Nice Guy

Run away from all the pain, I’ve changed my ways But nothings changed. Shadows around me still move the same When they see me smiling they think I’m strange When they see compassionate eyes they turn away I think they like the pain they get from drinking toxic waste. I think they like the emotional wounds on their lovers face. And to get caught up playing a game to see the biggest wounds they can create.

I’m tempted to go back to my old ways - Savage-barbarian days Clip their wings after the second date, Disappear after the first night, Let them fall in love with lies, Then show them it was all a disguise, Laugh as another heart dies I wish I was that guy sometimes...

Because now I can’t see truth in any eyes I allow myself to open up with love just to close in humility

Then all alone is when I ask "why?" Why did I even choose to jump from my plane and fall out the sky? -To follow that path and ignore warning signs Why did I even try? Why do my feelings fight to fly? I think about numbing them until they die...

I’m not the good guy I’m the nice guy But that’s not what catches their eye They love the lie They live to die -In a deceitful lovers life

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