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The thing about poems is they’re only able to emit what I can put in words, And even then it’s hard to express what I really feel...

When I write it’s like I can fly away, Make all the fake love disintegrate Write my dreams and escape Create a world or paint a landscape. Plus Sometimes I just need a break From people, from reality A place where only my soul vibrates. And I don’t worry about the love I’m tempted to chase Or the life I want to pace. Everywhere I look it’s like disguises are the only faces People enjoy drinking toxic waste. Their eyes are all tainted, Their real skin has already faded, Hiding who you are has become basic. Hiding what you feel has become basic. Honesty is rare and I can’t take it. That’s probably why my trust is confined, Even when I become aware of their truth I keep it to myself To see the film they choose to unwind. They accidentally show their cards and I play along and act fine Just to play their game in my mind From another perspective I watch their true intentions unfold with time. And shake my head when they ask why they can’t fly. You can’t fly with wings of truth when you believe more in your own lies. You can’t see clear when you choose to wear a disguise. But when you unveil the mask I won’t be there to look you in your eyes. You tried. I gave you one piece of me and you step on it as you strolled by. So I put it back together And move forward with life. I can’t look back or feel sorry for the path you chose to abide by..

But that doesn’t stop my feelings from transcending with time.. I’m too lost in my mind.. I write in times like this to keep my emotions offline And keep writing until I can tell them goodbye Until I can tell you goodbye..

#self #love #journalentry

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