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My Serenity

I come here

To where the earths beauty meets the life in the water

Where the sapphire ice in the sky meets the orchid-amber glow from the sun’s kiss goodbye

I come here to rediscover what it means to be free

To leave everything

To leave time

To leave society

I inhale. I exhale

And let my mind and heart set sail

When I close my eyes I feel myself float

Float above anything and everything

I feel free

I feel the Universal rhythm within me

But although I left everything

You’re present with me

You become my daydream

Blissful Moments that have yet to happen fill my thoughts like memories

And I see you admiring life with me

We talk about our dreams

And about letting life take us where we need to be

I see the youth in your feet moving freely within the water.

As we sit upon these rocks,

I see your smile

And in a split second your glow becomes the only sunset,

The only horizon,

The only breathtaking landscape.

The smile in your eyes becomes my peace

I come here to leave everything

But you’re here with me

And now you’re my serenity


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