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08/11/2018 1:11am

I don’t even know where to start How I feel or what I saw At one point there was that voice, the same one you always hear whispering to you something isn’t right. We tend to tone it out or ignore it even though we know that whisper is right. Time and time I’m deceived by my own eyes Maybe because I feed into my own lies Maybe because I feed into your lies I fail to notice the disguise. And even when I notice, I turn a blind eye. I knew it was only my touch that hypnotized I take a deep breathe as I look back at the signs Ignoring them all just hoping that they could be wrong.. You were always the mule in the back of my mind when I needed to create. I fell and didn’t catch myself I walked passed all the warning signs And didn’t turn back when I saw the cliff I landed in the trap Your trap Lust’s trap. Another reason I don’t trust anyone.. Sometimes I trust too easy Sometimes I notice lust and unveil its mask Then other times lust becomes my trust I let my heart speak and my words leave me to hang Hung on the nuse I created myself but didn’t think I’d ever use I’m that fool I should keep my distance from such a tool Before I end up falling into your pool And drowning I rather take the cliff ‘Cause atleast when I fall I have the time to realized all the signs I missed I wish we wouldn’t of kissed I wish I didn’t get lost in all the bliss I was having so much fun painting I didn’t even realize it was a self portrait of you But I’m glad the universe came with a storm to wash away the view I’m that fool That thought you were true I’m a fool You told me the very first poem you read was you And I truly had know clue Of what you meant by that But now I do I’m that fool... My love is too pure and genuine to be used I won’t be here when you try.

#journalentry #love

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