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08/08/2018 6:38am

I was searching endlessly for the brightest star Until I got a glimpse of you A glimpse of Luna’s view So appalled by your glow I didn’t believe I needed to tip toe Or watch where I go walking alone in the cold I wanted company along the road But I slipped when the wind brought me to you I fell Long and hard Right off the cliff and face first to the pavement Why did I fall so hard? I think I give my trust too easy I give my best advice when it’s dark And I’m running after stars Failing to realize it’s just another plane flying by They look down from the sky To feel my touch and witness my smile And notice that I want to be a good guy So they play games with my life Until there’s thoughts of suicide. As I follow their light I get lost in what could be when I look in their eyes Not everything that shines bright in the dark is a star So don’t go chasing what appears to be a star Cause you’ll fall for anything...


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