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The nights when the stars surround me And the moon is falling slowly I sit upon my fence To close my eyes And let the breeze whisper to me Caress me, hold me For a second I hear your laugh Feel your touch, taste your soft taffy lips It’s like my skin was waiting for you because as soon as you come near it rises for you And sends chills down my spine I open my eyes but you aren’t the breeze You’re my dream but not reality But still I sit here And I wait For you For the world To bring you back to me I know we both cut so deep We didn’t ever think these wounds would heal And still These scars begin to ache when we feel free But I hope they’ll heal eventually These scars still bleed For you So I’ll wait for you to say the word And when the moon is at its peak I’ll let these constellations lead the way I won’t stop until you believe Nothing will stand in my way I’m waiting for you I’m waiting for the world As soon as I hear your call Nothing will stand in my way On my journey back to you


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