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08/04/2018 4:11am

Let me breathe deep I see you Luna. The past nights you’ve stayed right in my sight My guide I got caught up in thinking about the future. I try to stay in present as much as possible But sometimes it doesn’t work out I was living in the future for such a long period of time I started to worry about what could happen A disease to get trapped in Living on other people’s beliefs All the Love I had couldn’t be And I wasn’t free from society Awareness died inside of me Worry about who will judge each side of me Giving Money the power to rule entirely I got caught up I got worried I got stressed And I dwelled in doubt Just to drown in despair Until I thought about which seeds I wanted to water Everything I want Or everything I’m afraid of happening I focused on the picture I wanted And didn’t let my mind paint anything else I bypassed those thoughts And labeled them as fear Just be me That’s the best I can be Awareness and what you learned never fade Unless your eyes are focused on the parade the opposite way And I don’t want to give the appealing distraction attention Temptation is always hidden Read, meditate and blow away the smoke they live in Turn off your phone Get away from the media Always remember to be you Escape to a place where you feel true With Mother Nature With the landscape of Earth With Beauty It’s always between me and the universe That’s why Luna is here guiding me With her eye on me I got love fuck your money Be you to infinity Always reach to your infinity Always listen, feel your infinity Move with your heart Not your head, Not your eyes What’s money really worth if it ain’t love?

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