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07/30/2018 11:56am

Sometimes I think I give my best advice to the wrong people And in doing so I hope for a blissful future for all of us One where all dreams are conquered And all worries have dissipated But at the end of the day If I goals or dreams Or just any desires I have to fulfill them myself The girls you count on tend to think differently They see you as a guy who only wants to get intimate And even when you’re being true and honest they mask the truth in order to sell lies Which leaves me to question their real motives And if who I think they are is all a disguise. The guys tend to say anything Agree with what you dream Just because they aren’t always sure of their own So when it’s time to stop talking, their actions don’t back up their words. So at the end of the day I don’t know who to trust Don’t know who is down to ride or who is full of lust I want to stick myself But then I’ll fall victim to lust And it’s the wrong female I’ll trust. At the end of the day All the goals, all the dreams, all the desires Have to be fulfilled by me.


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