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07/24/2018 1:00pm

Since you came along I haven’t been the reflection in the mirror I just want to be there when the smoke clears I just want to be the force that makes you believe All of your wildest dreams I want to be your paradise when you leave society Your sun on a rainy day Your home where you feel safe Your hope when the stress invades The drug that keeps you in a daze I want you To be your change when you’re in a repetitive state Your mindfulness when your awareness fades The twinkle in your eye The reason your pupils dilate Your realization that heaven on earth is real Your realization That you’re living a fairy tale I want our love to prevail I’m falling into you I want to be the water that allows our ship to sail Since you came along I hear you in every song I see you in every film Now I think you’re where my heart belongs I want to be your strength, Do everything right and everything wrong Just to show how my love stays strong Since you came along I’ve been wanting you Rhythm of the Universe is making me feel the clues That you could be the truth But are you?


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