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07/23/2018 4:28am

What have we become? From the lavender roses you gave And the smiles that never could’ve frayed People wished upon us as we were the stars that would amaze I didn’t believe them when they told me “being lovey-dovey is just a stage” You became my reflection so I thought our hearts wouldn’t change Our tongues spoke with compassion now they only hold complaints Can we go back to the first date? To that twinkle in your eye that showed me I’m the one you appreciate To that smile glowing with love that could never hate To the moments I trusted you and didn’t have to hesitate What have we become? From the desire to climb over any obstacle From The dream to make impossible possible I wish I can make our memories the future I wish our best days weren’t part of the past Now We’re here Too much wind blew out our flame When we hug the feelings not the same You used care about my safety now I leave, you don’t say a thing You used keep an arm around me now you don’t touch a thing How can we heal a broken wing? We’d heal each other’s pain Now poking each other’s wounds is how we maintain From a million pictures to only one of us in the frame Is it too late to change? We stayed powerful when push came to shove Now the only aid I get is from above With fear keeping my attention, worry made us loose sight of the dove We struggled with patience ‘cause life is hard to grab hold of I know you care and I do too But we still question what is true When I’m searching for answers and looking above I hear it all comes back to love

#journalentry #love

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