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Exactly Where I Need to Be

So where do I go from here?

When I don’t surrender to anymore fear

And I see my true self in the mirror

Dreams transformed to goals, now my vision is clear

So where do I go from here?

When I stop looking back,

When I choose to leave this place, worry isn’t what I pack

And Self belief isn’t what I lack

I follow the guidance from within along the track

So where do I go when I no longer wear a mask?

I don’t think i need to ask..

Because everything I need is already with me

The universe will take me where I need to be

The universe will take me where I dream

I’m not focused on the destination or what the road brings

It’s all about the scenery and discovering what your life truly means

So now that I realize I’m exactly where I need to be

I’ll continue to be me and believe unconditionally.

#infinite #self #selfawareness

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