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Drown in Your Sea

I keep going forward

Without looking back

There’s crimson footprints imprinted in the sand revealing my tracks...

It might not feel like it

But I’m saving you

From me, from a future enemy

From a heavy memory

I need you to fly free

I can’t give you what you need

And it hurts me

Because no matter how shallow the water was we both dove in deep

But as you surfaced I was drowning underneath

Fighting with the current that disguised itself as me

As you were floating on your sea of belief

I realized these waves weren’t meant for me

And I hate that I realized it at the moment I couldn’t breathe

I shouldn’t have dovehead first into your sea..

I can’t hold my breath forever

If I don’t get out now, I’ll inhale, I’ll sink

And you’ll loose sight of me, along with the shore

Soon you’d find yourself lost alone, drifting with no land to explore

Searching for a cure..

For your sinking heart that I’m responsible for

Now you float no more

And I don’t want you to wash up lifeless to my footprints on the shore

I don’t want you to drown in your own waves

Even when I’m the ship that gave you the faith to set sail and be brave...

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