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I try not surrender to fear

But sometimes seeing so much death opens the door to make me fear for survival.

Not only mine. But more so those around me. Those I love.

Nowadays it doesn’t matter where you are, or who you are. Death will approach you in disguise at the blink of an eye.

Homes aren’t a place of comfort anymore they’re targets. The safest cities aren’t safe. A drive is now a prayer to arrive to the correct destination. A simple walk and we have to be careful of each step.

It’s normal to check your rear view mirror more than looking at the road ahead.

It’s normal to watch your back more than watching we’re you’re going.

Nowadays “first responders”aren’t the people you want responding

When we have no place to go it’s now up to us to look into ourselves to find security.

R.I.P. Junior, R.I.P X,

maybe you both would still have a breath if we gave our phones a rest.

I guess videos are the new form of EMS

Maybe this is all God’s test

To examine if we’ll change directions but we continue to fail and make a mess.

We’re headed in the wrong direction.

Can we cultivate a new style of approaching the world?

There’s those that see and want change

There’s those that see with a blind eye,

Thinking “why help them when I need help in my own life”

Maybe we’ve become too selfish...

But do good and good will come to you.

‘Cause what about the sight of a child seeing life through a cage

If you look into his eyes would you still feel the same?

If they took you from your family would you feel his pain?

Maybe we make ourselves numb

Maybe we’re scared to create Change

Maybe we find it’s easier to blind ourselves

Maybe we find Violence hard to restrain

Maybe a better world it’s hard to believe

Maybe peace is only a dream

...I try not to see with despair

But why can’t seeing with eyes of love be as easy as breathing in air?

#world #sight #fear #self

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