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Guided Meditations + More

This is a space to check-in. To silence the outer world and return home within. Here are various meditations guided by G Peoples that you can do daily to heighten your vibration and create your reality. Thank you for being here. With much appreciation I'm sending you an abundance of love. ~G

G is an Accredited Mindfulness Teacher, Certified Meditation Practitioner, CBT Life Coach, and Certified Fitness Expert.

Offering a wide range of services and training styles all listed below. Choose from a wide array of existing training options or we can design your own personal package. 

Just click "Book Now", send me an email with a little bit about you and what service(s) you're interested in, and let's begin creating our reality one step at a time!!

Fit Woman

Hybrid/P.H.A.T Fitness Training

Inquire for Packages

Soulful Sundays with Astrologist Rachel Hubbard

 Join us in discovering;

  • The weekly transits.

  • Goals/intention writing,

  • Manifestation Meditation

  • AND Live tarot reading!!

Manifest all of your goals into reality each week. We’re eternally grateful & so honored to have you!

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